Dateien:  ./GREPESC1.stl, ./_GREPESC1_complete.stl

Greg's Protected Electronic Speed Controller.

Protector case for Electronic Speed Controller in a Carson Dirt Attack 1:5 Scale Buggy. The original housing let dirt and water reach the ESC. The protector is mounted in the car by two 4mm screws. One uses the mount of the underyling servo. For this, a M4 screw has to be replaced by a longer one. For the second screw, a hole has to be drilled into the plastic below the protector. The ESC shall be fixated on the protector by rubberbands. These will allow the ESC to move a little in case of a crash. One may also add a moose tape below and around the ESC to protect it from hard shocks.

  • ESC: 73 x 57 x 46 mm
  • GREPESC: 75 x 70 x 55 mm

Created by Gregor Rebel 2013

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